Patience like Cherry Filled Chocolate

angell-phelps-chocolateI recently stopped by Angell and Phelps Chocolate Factory in Daytona, FL and took a little tour.  I liked the environment in that place – a one of a kind candy store where everything is made, sold and shipped.  Christian music was playing throughout the store and the staff was friendly, including the owner who was working in the factory.

At one point the tour guide began describing the process of cherry filled chocolate.  How’d they get that cherry filling in there?  Injection?  Two parts of chocolate sealed around the cherry filling?

The answer?  Well, they simply coat a cherry in chocolate, then let it sit on the tray for 6 -7 days waiting for the cherry to naturally dissolve into juice.

To think, a chocolate factory, located on one of the world’s most famous beaches, with hundreds of customers in and out each hour, patiently waits a week for a tray of chocolate covered cherries to change to liquid!

There are probably other ways that cherry filled chocolate is made, but it may not be quite as natural and good.  Patience is like that.  Find peace in patience today.  It’s one of the fruits of the spirit.


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