Four Words For The Missionary (And Every Believer)

I’m motivated by the missionary heart of Karen Watson. Her devotion to the gospel was powerful and she claimed that there is no greater joy than knowing Jesus and serving him. Even in her death as she served on the mission field she had no regrets.

She is famous for a quote and I want to break it down into four words here:


Care more than some people think is wise. In a day when leadership books tell you to get around the “9’s and 10″s of the world” there seems to be little concern for those in real need. “Not my problem” has become a standard attitude in such a chaotic world. A Christian cares, maybe, some say, to a fault.


Risk more than some think is safe. The Gospel has always been about going – and that involves risk. The safest place to be is in the center of God’s will. It may not seem safe, but with God all things are possible. You can either be comfortable or courageous but not both.


Dream more than some think is practical. Dreams can take us to places we never imaged. God’s heart for people and the calling he places on our lives doesn’t always seem “practical” but when God calls, we have to go.


Expect more than some think is possible. Expectation is one key to living a life of faith. As we serve the Lord, we expect great things. We’re growing in a faith that can move mountains.

These four words are for every believer. What is God calling you to do? Who is God calling you to be?

Care more than some think is wise; Risk more than some think is safe; Dream more than some think is practical; Expect more than some think is possible.  I was not called to comfort or success, but to obedience.  

Karen Watson, died on the mission field in 2004



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