Three Consequences Of No Clear Organizational Vision

Without vision, people perish. The writer of Proverbs 29:18 had it exactly right.

Here are three consequences of not having a clear and concise vision for your ministry:


When you’re working hard and things don’t seem to be going anywhere, you can become easily discouraged. A vision helps answer the “why.” Why are we working so hard? Why are we dealing with so much? Why are we still serving in this role? The answer to those and other potential discouragement areas is the vision. When you know “why” the hours of hard work, tough situations and setbacks are put in perspective.


Without a clear vision, people aren’t unified. Staff, team members, leaders, and the congregation begin to form their own idea of what success looks like. As a result, there become many goals, competing visions, and ministry that is overwhelmed with lots of good things but not a focus on the best, most important thing.


A train only runs well on the tracks. When it comes off the tracks, it’s a total mess. Derailment can happen to an individual or an organization. And most often, the pre-curser is an unclear vision. It can be as simple as a church plant that fails because the vision was unclear and people weren’t motivated to stay committed and help it grow. Or it could be more catastrophic like a church leader whose vision becomes more about personal success than an effective mission and leadership of the church.

If you are experiencing any of these three, you might want to step back and assess your vision and how you are sharing it with your people.

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