Five Ways To Stay Healthy

Your body is similar to a machine. Take a car, for instance. If you don’t put in the right gas or put in really dirty oil, the car will eventually come to a halt.

If you are treating your body with care, the “machine” will operate well. If you don’t, then you will have problems.

As G.H. Lockwood noted in his book, “How to Live to be 100 Years”, the human body was created so incredibly, that it can go quite a while on junk! We were created in such a way that our bodies can go for a long time even if we don’t take care of it! That’s both amazing and sad. Too bad there wasn’t an indicator (like stopping when we run out of gas) to keep us on track.

The tips from the book mentioned above, written in 1912, were pretty good ones:

Breathe deeply

Take deep breaths. When you notice your breathing is shallow, you need to intentionally fill your lungs with air, hold it, and repeat.

Go outside and move

There are so many benefits to being outdoors – from the sun, to the fresh air, to nature. Too often, we’re stuck inside! Do all you can to be outdoors for a period of time each day; walk, sit outdoors, play outdoors – think of ways to be outside!

Get a good night’s sleep

Go to bed and sleep seven to eight hours each night. Sleep is crucial to a healthy life!

Only drink water

Drink water and nothing else! There is no reason to drink sugary drinks, caffeine or alcohol. Your body was designed to run on water!

Break the habit of overeating

Probably the hardest thing on the list, most people eat too much. Food is abundant, portions are too large and opportunities are too often! We’re blessed and grateful, but do your best to stop eating when you’re full. And don’t eat again until you’re hungry.

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