Move Beyond The Ordinary To Generate Leadership

“Ordinary thinking and ordinary effort are almost never enough to generate leadership.” – Tribes, Seth Godin

Could it be that the reason the church has trouble “generating leadership” is because of ordinary thinking and ordinary effort?

Sometimes I think pastors look at other churches – especially in this day and age of one church conference and event after the next where you only see the best of the best – and wish they had people working with them to that degree.  Volunteers who are sold out, full time, committed and capable.  People in their church who take the lead to head up or organize major ministries to the community on an ongoing basis.  Leaders from within their congregation who not only take on a leadership project but connect with many people to help make that project happen.  It’s the desire of pastors who have more leaders in their church.

When you really begin thinking this way, you will probably be able to come up with a few names of people who are doing such ministry and work alongside you.  Be sure to affirm them, nurture them and thank them.

Secondly, to generate this kind of leadership (or more of this kind of leadership), you may need to move beyond ordinary thinking and effort to do so. Here are NINE QUESTIONS to ask:

1. Have you recently undertaken a venture in your church that could never be done on your own strength?

2. Have you thought about ways to engage in the community with powerful, servant-like hearts with the purpose to love those around you?

3. Is there something that has been talked about for several months or years that really just needs to get done right now?

4. Is there someone in your congregation who you need to meet with for the purpose of inviting them into a particular role or mission for the sake of the church?

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5. Have you set aside time, and called for intentional prayer from the congregation for the purpose of seeking God’s extraordinary work to be done in and through you.

6. Have you created opportunities for people to serve in mission?

7. Is the vision clear enough for you and your people to grasp?

8. Have you risked something recently to move out of your comfort zone?

9. Is there a reason that the extraordinary thing about your church has been kept a secret?  Celebrate it.  Publicize it.  Use it to reach people for Jesus.

None of these things are easy. But they are ways to move past ordinary thinking and ordinary effort.


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