Don’t trade transformational for trendy.

trendyTrendy may be trendy, but it’s not a basis for anything long term.  The word itself insinuates that it won’t last.  A ministry, or style of ministry that is trendy now will be not-trendy very soon.  Trendy can attract, but without a basis, it will be a shallow attraction. A church should focus on transformation.  The desire for each person to become all that God has intended is the goal.  We want each individual to be restored to a right relationship with God. Being “trendy” is at it’s best a tool and vehicle for being attractive to people.

I have been in churches that are accomplishing the task of making disciples and inviting people into the transforming power of Christ and they are far from trendy.  The style of worship, the style of preaching and the style of reaching out seem to be outdated by world’s standards, but the Spirit is at work and lives are being changed.  On the flip side, I’ve been in churches that seem to be on top of everything style wise, but don’t seem to be in touch with the spirit.  (To be fair, I’ve been in plenty of churches that are both outdated and lifeless and many other churches are are both spirit filled and quite on top of things stylistically).

That’s not to say that we don’t want to be fresh and moving forward.  But we need to rely on the spirit to make all things new.

Here’s an example. At times, I do become humorously cynical with the “dress code” for modern day worship leaders. I can almost guess the style of church based on the way the worship leader is dressed.  In all reality, I don’t mind what is worn by all of us worship leaders.  But I want you to be uniquely you.  I want you to match the style and situation of your church so that you are able to join them in the mission of reaching the people in your area.

Maybe I’m just being silly or maybe I’m getting old.  Or maybe I don’t know how to be trendy. But, here’s one thing I know – the moment being trendy in the church becomes the main goal, we have a problem.


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