Three Components for Every Church Meeting

meetingsIf you are ministry leader, you more than likely have to meet with people.  Everyone knows meetings have the potential to become time wasters. But, they can also be fuel for your organization.  Here are three simple aspects that should be evident in every meeting at church or in your ministry:

1. Shepherding

People hunger for community.  Each meeting in the church, no matter what the nature of the group might be, is an opportunity to shepherd people toward community.  Invest a bit of time talking about life, praying for needs, and connecting on a personal level.  Develop friendships with people.  If you have a larger group at the meeting, you can accomplish some community time by breaking off into smaller groups for conversations and connections.  

2. Systems Maintenance

The most common organizational downfall is the lack of a clearly defined systems for operation.  What systems are in place? What systems need to be created?  What systems need to be tweaked?  The art for ministry leaders is helping to define and simplify systems. Every meeting ought to work toward addressing and refreshing systems for sustainable ministry.

3. Strategy

What will be the outcome from your meeting?  What action will you take?  What has happen as a result of your time together? Be careful to guard your time and one practical step to accomplish this is to make sure that you have something to show for it! If you’re in charge of the meeting, run if effectively and efficiently. Additionally, when you have your team around the table, take care of less essential things quickly (or pass those off)  then invest your time in strategy, dreaming, creativity, critiquing, and putting the mission of your organization on the front burner.


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