The Night I Lost My Phone…


Technically, I didn’t lose it.  I knew right where it was. My phone was on a church window sill, an hour and a half away from home.  I realized it about an hour after I left it.

“Well, I better call home.”

I can’t do that.

“I better call the church and let them know to look for my phone.”

I don’t have the number.  And I can’t call.

“We’re so sorry for your loss”.  My friends respond, feeling my pain.  A whole night, maybe longer without a cell phone.  I felt consoled.

“Here, you can use my phone – call home.  It will make you feel better.”

I don’t really think of myself as being addicted to a cell phone.  I do use it quite a bit for work with church, Harvest and life in general.  It’s amazing all that you can do, no matter where you are!  Some may say I’m addicted, but I’m probably not as hooked as other people I know. Incidentally, I recently heard of some orthodox monks who were concerned that the Apple logo was a representation of original sin.  I had never thought about it before.  The Apple product creators say that the bite was only intended to give some perspective so the logo was not mistaken for a cherry.  Given the addictions people have to their phones, I’m not so sure the monks aren’t right!

“Well, this is going to make a story someday! I should tweet this – wait, I can’t.  I don’t have my phone.”

How can I get my phone back?  When will I be back through that town? I thought and I thought.  Will anyone be heading from that particular area to the town I live in?  Will anyone be heading to a Cards game this week?  Aha!  There is someone.  But I can’t call them.  I don’t have their number.

“Maybe I could connect with another person to contact them. Could you message her and have her contact the other pastor?”

This is a mess.

“I’ve got to get up early tomorrow – I need to set an… I can’t even set an alarm!”  Maybe I am addicted to my phone.

I have used my phone for an alarm about 5 years now.  I still have an alarm clock on my nightstand.  A quick glance indicates, however, I don’t really use it since it’s been two hours slow for the last five months.

“Can we get rid of this thing?” my wife asks me just about three days ago!  “Sure,” I said.  “I usually just use my phone.”

How in the world am I going to wake up tomorrow?

Whew. The speaker I was with just got a facebook message from the pastor of the church that the phone has been handed off to someone who has a meeting in our area and it should be back to me by 1:30 tomorrow.  Thanks everyone.  Things should be ok and back to normal by 1:35 tomorrow.  We have a team, spanning quite a wide geographical area working on this issue. No need to be worried.


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