Preparing For Worship Changes The Outcome

worshipleaderguitar2Families who prepare to get up and attend worship raise up more healthy, Christ center, and committed children.  It’s not easy to put it into the schedule unless you prepare.  When you have a plan, clothes ready, people to meet, and ministry roles to take care of, you make a plan to stay committed.

Worship leaders and teams who make an diligent effort to prepare find that their hearts are more ready to worship.  They are more unified in their leadership.  They are equipped to serve the church as leaders.  Worship is able to flow and it’s evident to all.

Pastors who have prepared for worship change the outcome.  Messages are strategic, spirit filled and powerful.  Creativity has time to incubate and lives are touched in a way that provides a deeper impact.

Preparations happen on many fronts in ministry.

Today I was reading the scripture where Jesus sent disciples ahead to untie the colt and bring it to him.  He was making preparations to enter the city and powerful, spontaneous worship happened as a result!  Even Jesus took time to prepare and it changed the outcome.

How are you preparing today?  What would help you prepare more?


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