Church staff roles must be focused


The healthiest leaders know that focusing on doing what they do best will generate the most productive outcome.  And as each person succeeds at doing their part well, the department grows.

In a larger church staff, the roles are often more delineated.  Many times, because there are more staff in place, the jobs are broken down and each person has their role.  However, more oversight is needed to keep everyone moving toward the main goal.  In a church with a single pastor or a small staff, the roles are, by nature, much more broad. The few people are required to accomplish it all.

In a primarily volunteer organization like the church, the goal for ministry leaders is to equip the saints, to give them tools and to facilitate their ministry.

One could argue that if you want to grow, each staff person must know their singular focus and should invest all their efforts toward that end. With too broad of focus you wind up spending all your time just trying to accomplish tasks and very little time on the main goal: helping to equip the saints.

What do you think?  What would it look like to restructure the church staff so that each role is pared down to the bare minimum for maximum focus and outcome?  Would it be possible?  What would it take?


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