Coffee Filters and Muffin Cups

coffee-filters-00Ministry is often like coffee filters and muffin cups.  An indispensable part of the end product, for sure, but not the main thing.  The good coffee and the great muffins are what really fill people up.

As church leaders, our jobs are to point to Jesus.  Through service and sacrifice, we are part of the redeeming work in people’s lives.  God uses his people in the lives of others.  And as Scripture says, our lives are but a breath!  But God’s word will stand forever.

What are you worried about right now?  What areas of ministry seem to be really confusing and tough for you? Remember, that we are part of this amazing process that God has designed to allow us to minister to those around us to bring hope to the world.

But we aren’t the main thing – Jesus is.

Be content being the coffee filter and muffin cup – aiding in the process of giving people real life.


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