How To Get The Church To Repeat Good Behavior

celebrateI recently listened to a podcast through Church Leader Insights with Nelson Searcy.  It’s common knowledge that when you reward someone, they are motivated to continue doing the thing for which they were rewarded.  In church ministry, this works well for the one-to-one thank-you notes or small gifts of appreciation for your team members.  But what about the whole church?  How do you help the whole church repeat the good things?

For individuals it might be “What gets rewarded gets repeated,” but here’s a way to think about it for the whole church:  “What gets celebrated, gets repeated.”

What have you celebrated in your church lately?  Has there been a milestone accomplished?  Have you reached a goal?  Have you ministered effectively this season?  Was there something exceptional that happened on Sunday?  Have lives been changed?  Have you reached out in some way?  Have you been a giving church?  Have you had new members lately?

Take time to celebrate!  Here are three ways to celebrate:

1) Write to Celebrate – Celebrate in the church newsletter, on facebook, or in a letter you send to everyone.  Write about it for the local newspapers or magazines.  Include some notes of celebration in the Sunday program.

2) Talk to Celebrate – Lift up the positive things in your conversations. Bring up the reasons to celebrate as you are talking with people around the church and community.  Secondhand compliments are a great way to celebrate – let others overhear the good things you are saying!

3) Present to Celebrate – Formally celebrate by spending a few minutes making it official during worship.  Call up the mission team that just got back home and celebrate their ministry.  Invite someone from a ministry in the church to come up and pray over them before a project they will be leading – celebrate what they are doing.  Highlight something in front of the whole congregation every chance you get – celebrate it!


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