When The Music Changes, So Does The Dance

musicWhen the music changes, so does the dance. African Proverb

My kids love to dance around the living room.  It’s always amazing to me that they each instinctively know to dance slowly when the song is slow, and to move more quickly as the beat quickens.  Their styles even change.  If it’s more of a kids song, they sort of dance silly and hop around.  If it’s more of a modern song, their dance reflects the style of music.  Recently, after a attending a special university ballet performance for homeschool students,  my youngest came home and mimicked the ballet as she listened to soft harp music.

It comes easily and naturally to change quickly as the music changes.  What does this concept mean for church ministry leaders? Here are five thoughts:

1.  We need to be in tune to the music – The music may be the call of God and His work in our hearts and lives.  As the spirit leads, we need to be ready to make adjustments.  There may be something you are doing that the Lord is no longer calling you to do.   We also need to be listening to the music of our ministry context. What is happening in the life of the community in which we serve?  How do we need to change to meet the needs?  How can we share Jesus in this context and culture?

2. Invite others to listen to the music – Invite those in your ministry with you to hear the same music.  Share the vision.  Share the stories.  Celebrate how God is at work and how lives are being changed.  Help people to develop a kingdom mindset as you serve your region in the name of Christ.

3. Agility is important – Quick changes are important.  Once you become too rigid, it’s difficult to take the needed risks to change the dance.  Evaluation plays into this.  Ask critical questions about what has worked and what hasn’t.  Then, as a person, as a leader, and as an organization, make quick changes.

4. Enjoy the ministry – Dancing is a byproduct of celebration and joy.  Don’t stop having fun in ministry, seeking the Lord, and serving His people.

5. Keep the foundation secure – I recently heard this little poem: Methods are many, principles are few. Methods may change, but principles never do.  As much as we need to adjust to share the message of hope in Jesus with the culture around us, we mustn’t let culture change God’s true word.  Dance freely on this foundation.  His Word will last forever.  We don’t want the church to be blown here and there based on the thoughts of a few people.  Trust God, put your hope in Him, and love people.

It’s interesting that you don’t have to invite people to dance.  When music starts, people begin to move.  Figure out the ways to play the music so that your ministry will be vibrant, attractive and effective.


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