A New Kind Of Summer Ministry…

fireup1We are coming up on the 19th summer season to send out teams to serve in ministry as worship leaders for camps and churches across Illinois and the Midwest.

The summer of 2014 will be as unique as every summer has been! Instead of sticking with tradition, we are taking a fresh new path of inviting more people to participate.

Would you like to join the core Harvest Summer Team for a week or weekend of serving?

We’re inviting ministry minded musicians (and tech people) to help serve with us as we lead at camps all summer.  You can serve for a couple days or for two or three weeks – whatever you feel God leading you.

What would it look like?

1)  You would fill out the short connection page online or email tim@harvestministryteams.com.

2)  You would meet in Troy, IL for a meeting one day toward the beginning of the summer to receive music, camp training, and Harvest training (which will include a background check and proper paperwork).

3)  You would then meet at the scheduled time to either travel the camp (or just meet at the camp).

4)  We will serve together for the event, get a t-shirt, and then…

5) Meet together again at the end of August for a wrap up debriefing and closing service!

Think of it as a music and worship mission trip! You’ll meet people, use your gifts and have a great time serving in the ministry of the kingdom!

There are dates for all of June and July and into August.

For more information, feel free to contact me, Tim Price (tim@harvestministryteams.com).


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