One Danger in Studying Scripture

notebook-and-penMaybe danger is a strong word. But I’ve been thinking about how many blogs, tweets and posts are floating around with Scripture in them.  I often heard in seminary about the rut that pastors can get into by only studying God’s Word to prepare for a message or other group presentation.  The line can definitely become blurred – since what you are learning is probably what you will share.

However, I wondered if there may be some danger in studying Scripture just for something to say or write – and then stopping there.

I believe the most powerful tweets, the most life changing posts and the best sermons will be preached because people were gripped by God’s Word, then couldn’t help but speak of it.  Jeremiah 20:9 says, “his word is in my heart like a fire, a fire shut up in my bones. I am getting worn out trying to hold it in; indeed, I cannot.”

In an age where everyone can be published at any second, don’t allow your Scripture reading to become only a feeder or a prompter.  Don’t read a passage just to write something – read Scripture to be filled with God’s word.  Then, if you must write or compose, do so.  I recently heard someone say, “If you want to influence the world, pick up a pen.”  Writing is an amazing tool – from song writing, to book writing to sermon writing.  And when it includes Scripture or is based on God’s Word, it is a powerful encouragement to everyone who reads it.  But the danger lies in the focus – become gripped by God’s Word, then respond with your thoughts.


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