Celebrating 900 Posts

celebrating-900-postsI began regularly blogging back in 2011.

I’m not sure how it began, but most every week since (sometimes more than once) I have posted something relating to ministry leadership or Harvest Ministry. Just this week, we hit the 900 mark for published posts and I want to say thanks! I appreciate those who are part of the journey – appreciate you reading, connecting and sharing.

Below are the most read recent posts and some freebies for ministry leaders!



Here’s are the top 13 most viewed posts from the last three years:

21 Fall Planning Ideas For Youth Pastors

The Ocean Drowns Out My Voice

How to Develop the Culture of an Organization

Don’t Trade Micromanagement for Non-leadership

Three “Greetings” Worship Leaders Should Make on Sunday Mornings.

Worship Leaders & Water Bottles

Report: The Average Age Of Youth Workers

Worship Leader Cheat Sheet

9 Indications Your Church Is In Trouble

How to Pay Your Volunteer Teams

The Seven Basics of Worship Leading

54 Ways To Intentionally Spend Time With Your Children

Seven Ways The Church Can Shine In The Community

Over the last three years, 26,100 users have viewed various blog pages 66,622 times. 


STUDENT MINISTRY: This month, “Get and Keep Video Equipping Series” is available for free. Begin today!

WORSHIP LEADERS: Be sure to download the 10 Point Check List For Worship Leaders (Infographic)

CHILDREN’S PASTORS: Two free animated worship videos for kids – get your download here. 

PASTORS: Free PDF – Six Action Steps To Turn Your Church Around

And don’t miss the leadership devotions for your staff meetings – available for $5.00!


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