5 Reasons For Hospitality

trailer1During the summer ministry, we are on the road visiting in many churches, homes, camps and events.  We are blessed to meet so many great people. Being hospitable is one hallmark of living the Christian life. I’ve often joked about sending out a team to be recipients of hospitality all summer, although, it wouldn’t be the same without being involved in the overarching unique mission of Harvest.  However, in experiencing hospitality, we are changed. 

Yesterday, we broke down while traveling.  I was reminded again of the power of hospitality.  After realizing that our trailer was too messed up to drive anymore, we began to think of who we might call.  After a while, we connected with a family of a previous Harvest Team member from a neighboring town.  Since we couldn’t get the trailer part until morning, we spent the night at their house.  After breakfast the next morning, we took the trailer part down to the shop of the people we stayed with and one the mechanics fixed it in no time.   What a privilege to experience that kind of practical hospitality.

Here are 5 reasons why hospitality is important:

1) Hospitality allows us to comfortably learn from people – the guard is down.

2) We get a glimpse of God’s love and grace.

3) Our eyes are open to how we might be hospitable.

4) It’s at the core of Christian faith and family – opening our lives and homes to other believers.

5) It’s a powerful witness to me and the young adults who travel on Harvest.

Here are some other examples from the last week, in no particular order:  Lunch with family members (in St. Joseph, MO and in Troy, IL); staying in homes (Troy and Princeville, IL); joining in on great camp experiences (Wesley Woods in Iowa and Camp Jo-Ota in Missouri), lodging in churches (Elkhorn, Troy), part of great missions, free mugs, brownies and t-shirts from different places.  Thanks!

Harvest 2013 Summer Team will be traveling all of June and July.  To find out more, visit www.harvestministryteams.com.


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