I’ve been in 843 church buildings – or something like that. I’ve seen some good and bad.  And no matter what, it’s always a challenge. Congregations are formed by their buildings, to some extent.  If your sanctuary is formal, the congregation typically begins to lean that way.  If the sanctuary is more informal, the congregation … Read more


I’ve heard it said, if a worship attendee hasn’t become part of a ministry team or joined a group of some kind, the likelihood of them staying in your church decreases dramatically after two years. It is true that worship is typically the main entry point for people.  Worship will always be the primary function … Read more

Hospitality Ministry Quotes

We recently had a Greeters, Ushers and Welcome Center Staff Team Meeting and used some material from Greg Atkinson’s Book, Hospitality Ministry. These are some of the quotes and questions we shared from this great book. 1. Why do we want people to feel comfortable and welcome in our church? 2. “When guests return for a second … Read more

Three Reasons A Church Should Reach Outward

It’s way too easy for churches to coast. Urgency is a gift. If we’re not moving forward in ministry, we’re moving backward. Reaching outward is part of the mandate for success. Nothing is as devastating as a church that is focused solely on its individuals, bickering over things that don’t have eternal significance, while the … Read more

Tweak These Phrases For Maximum Hospitality

There are two main aspects to great hospitality: Words and Actions. A smile, great eye contact, and a posture of helpfulness will get an encounter moving in the right direction. But then your words come into play. How you say it is extremely important. “First of all,” as Lee Cockerell says in his book, The … Read more

Four Areas That Require Excellence In The Church

I reread a bit of a book entitled Start This Stop That – Do The Things That Grow Your Church by Jim and Jennifer Cowart. Excellence often requires focusing your energy on the most important things. The authors contend that in the following four areas, churches cannot accept average. These four areas must be excellent: … Read more

Six Mantras for Ushers and Greeters

We recently had an Usher and Greeter Party at our church.  The director of Lay Ministry prepared a dessert table for us, we invited everyone involved in the usher and greeter ministry and instead of calling it a meeting, we labeled it a party!  The goals of the event were to connect people, have dessert and community … Read more

The Five P’s of Hosting Ministry Conferences

If you are a pastor, student ministry pastor, worship leader or other church staff member, there is a good chance you have been involved in a conference or weekend ministry somewhere along the way.  I don’t know how many conferences and ministry events I have been a part of over the years.  I have been … Read more

Signs Are Important, But People Are Better

It’s important to have clear signs in your church facility.  But having hospitable people stationed in strategic places is even better. – Mark Waltz To those who have a church background, it’s somewhat easy to figure out where to go and what to do when showing up to a church building or worship service.  But … Read more

5 Little Known Guest Service Training Tips For Any Church

Every church ought to be ready to welcome guests – comfortably, confidently, and consistently. Here are five little known Guest Service Training Tips for any church.   1) Answer The Big Question. Every guest who walks through the door is asking this question: “Do they care about me here?” The hospitality team needs to answer … Read more