15 Twitter Accounts For Worship Leaders To Follow

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If you are a worship leader who likes to use Twitter, make sure you follow these 15 people.  And feel free to add others in the comments!


Worship Leader Magazine.


Worship songs, resources and worship leader community.


Creator Magazine, Helping you do ministry better.


25 Year Worship Leader Veteran, Saddleback.


Songwriter and Local Church Worship Leader 


Songwriter and Local Church Worship Leader. Some of my favorite songs come from Paul Baloche, they all seem to be easily singable for congregations under 300 people.  


Worship leader and blogger.


Equipping and inspiring worship leaders and teams.


ChurchLeaders.com is a great resource for ministry leaders in general. And it has a section specifically for worship leaders.


Faithful Local church worship leader who has kept it going for the long haul.


Leader, songwriter, speaker with great thoughts on following Jesus wholeheartedly.


Lifeway, church health statistician, leader.  His practical take on buildings, unchurched people attitudes and hospitality are worth reading and listening to.


A satirical take on worship leader and team members potentially  “celebrity” like attitudes.


Helps leaders grow personally, and that is half the battle for solid leadership in the church.


This is a guy with whom I did a year of worship leader coaching. He has a heart for helping worship leaders and his website is .  Sign up for some great Tuesday morning emails.


Some Quotes You Can Use on Twitter.

7 Quick Twitter Tips for Churches 

Download a year’s worth of retweetable Tweets and Quotes for $.99!

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