7 Church Twitter Tips

twitter-bird-300x168Like all tools, Twitter can be helpful if you have a purpose.  Here are 7 tips for making it great.

1. Create a list.  Lists are powerful ways for people to stay connected.  Create a list of everyone who is actively involved in your church.  Use the list to stay up to date on the people who are regulars.

2. Post good content. Send out scripture verses. Send to links ministries and events in the church.  Send helpful quotes or links to studies or freebies.

3. Engage and ask questions.  Engage with people.  Ask questions.  Invite response.  Thank people when they comment or retweet.

4. Send reminders and teasers. Remind people about weekend worship.  Send short teasers about what will be happening in worship or at the ministry event.  Send reminders about times, meetings, music, worship, or anything pertaining to the life of the church.

5. Retweet church members who witness on their twitter account.  If you see someone from your church post a scripture or praise, retweet them.

6. Advertise your church twitter.  Be sure to post your twitter name on all your publications and website. Let people know about your twitter account.  Not everyone will go for it, but one principle in social media ministry is to allow people to choose how they receive information.

7. Have fun Tweet fun facts and inside information.  Tweet a picture of behind the scenes meeting or organization.  Post before and after shots after you clean up your desk.  Say thanks to people.  Have fun with it.  Maybe even have a class for people in your church to get connected and find out more about twitter!  It’s a great free way to stay connected.

Hope these ideas help.


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