11 Ways to Use Your Phone For The Great Commission

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Going into all the world is probably easier now than ever before.  One click and the whole world can instantly see what you posted. Using your phone to spread the gospel is an awesome privilege!  It’s been documented that people look at their phones on the average of every six minutes all day long – so we might as well do something worthwhile.  Here are eleven ways to use your phone for the Great Commission.

1. Read the Bible

Download the YouVersion App on your phone.  Pick a Bible reading plan and jump in.  Read the verse of the day.  Stay engaged in Scripture. The best thing you can do to share faith with others is to have an alive and active faith of your own.  Stay close to Jesus and His Word.

2. Receive Email Devotions

Register your email address to receive email devotions. This is another way to stay fresh in faith.  I’ve recently signed up for a devotion from Larry Perry.  Here’s his email:  larryperry@att.net.  He sends out an inspirational devotion each morning. There also great devotions and Scripture that can you can receive in your inbox at www.biblegateway.com.

3. Post Scriptures

Posting Scriptures onto your Twitter, Facebook or other social media account is a great way to share your faith with others. Posting Scripture is a reminder to you as well as those who see your pages, that you are a Christian and are desiring to following Christ. Looking for a place to begin? I once heard someone say the Book of Proverbs is really a bunch of little tweets – short bursts of wisdom.

4. Post Sermon Notes

If you hear a great quote from a sermon, put on your social media accounts, text it to someone, share it. Take notes of the message, then post it later on when you have time.  You will be surprised how it helps you remember it. Additionally, if you see someone else post something about a sermon, like it, retweet it, comment, and encourage them.

5. Talk Up Your Church and Invite People

Post that you are going to church or that you are at church.  Let people know about stuff going on, about worship services, about ministries.  Invite friends to join you at church. Here’s an example from two of our church Twitter users:  @authorgroupie and @ed_griffith.

6. Encourage People

There is plenty of negative stuff out there – why not be a force of good?  “Like” people’s uplifting comments. Don’t get dragged into downward spiraling issues. Don’t blow your witness with inappropriate posts / pictures.  Be a light.

7. Share Your Church Links on Facebook

Share the links to ministries, worship times and pictures from your church.  We have a great Facebook team at our church that does a great job of sharing links, encouragement, inspirational thoughts and links to the church website. Troy UMC Facebook.

8. Prioritize Worship and Prayer in Your Schedule

There are a million calendar apps.  Get one, use one, and make worship and ministry a priority. Write down worship on your calendar every Sunday morning.  Write down the special events for your church or ministry.  It’s been said that what get calendered gets done.  You can also schedule prayer needs. I have been using Nozbe for this and it has been great.  Every day a reminder pops up to pray for my family.  Other prayer needs pop up on the list once a week – such as the church, my volunteer teams, other ministry leaders, extended family, etc.

9. Post Pictures

Did you take a picture at church for a special event or a regular worship service?  Post it.  One great way to let people know you’re a Christian is to take a family picture at church, post it, and add the caption, “this was taken at church.”  You’ll be surprised how it opens the door for conversations and connections with friends and family.

10. Follow Missionaries and Ministry Leaders

I once heard a pastor mention that if you don’t have a picture on your fridge of a of a missionary you’re supporting, then you really don’t believe in missions.  Maybe we could update that to say, if you believe in missions and missions work, you need to continents-world-map-app-smart-phone-illustration-touch-46683335be connected to missionaries on your social media sites.  Here’s are three friends of mine you can connect to on Facebook. Tell them I sent you.

Steve Gross (Haiti) 

David Clemente (Taiwan) 

Noah and Wendy Schneider (Germany) 

11. Give Online

When you give online to ministries and missions, you are making a huge impact!  There are hundreds of opportunities to give, from Compassion to a missionary you support. And on a smartphone, you can do this with a few quick clicks.  For example, when you’re buying on Amazon, go through this link and Harvest Ministry will receive a percentage. Here are 5 Ways to make End of Year Connections with Harvest Ministry this year.


Have fun using your smartphone to build the Kingdom of God!  And remember, there are also times when the best thing you can do for the Great Commission, for your soul, and for the commands of Jesus is to set your phone aside.  Listening, praying and seeking God in quiet is so important.


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