End of Year Connections

end of year connections

Every non profit ministry seems to invite people to give at the end of the year.  Truth be told, Harvest is among those organizations who would have trouble staying afloat without your generous end of year gifts.  We want to thank you.  [Give today.]

But this December, I’ve been reflecting on what “end-of-year-giving” really brings to a ministry.  In addition to a funding surge, it also allows us to get connected to you in a new way.  I want to invite you to be a part of this community.  Here are some connections I’d like us to make as we head into the next year:

1. Grow Together in the Vision

I want you to hear the heart of our vision for Harvest Ministry!  We want to be a resource to the church, providing avenues for young adults to serve in ministry and to share faith with students and children all over the midwest. Every month or so, we send the Sower Newsletter, which is a newsletter for those who give and contribute to Harvest Ministry.  This newsletter gives some insight to the financial aspects to Harvest Ministry. This is also a place where we share the vision for Harvest Ministry on a regular basis.

2. Grow Together in Social Networks

If you’ve read this far, I count you among our friends!  And we’d love to get connected to you on social media. You’re invited to like and share information about Harvest Ministry.  Here are the links:

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[btn text=”Twitter” tcolor=#FFF link=”https://twitter.com/goharvest”]

[btn text=”Instagram” tcolor=#FFF link=”http://instagram.com/goharvest”]

3. Grow Together in Ministry Possibilities

We’d love to be a part of your church.  There are a few ways we can do this: 1)  We can come to your church or ministry event to provide music, 2) Your church can participate in a Harvest Conference, or 3) Your church can utilize the resources from Harvest. You don’t have to be a pastor to get connected – if you are part of a church, invite your church to connect with Harvest Ministry.

4. Grow Together in Faith

We always want to ask the question, what is God doing in the midst of our lives together?  I’m always amazed how the Lord brings the right people into the circles at the right time!  Your partnership may be just the thing right now! We want to invite you pray with us for power in the ministry.  And I am praying for you – every Tuesday.


5. Grow Together in Success

Sometimes people shy away from talking about success in ministry.  However, the more I think about it, the more I want to highlight the success of ministry because it gives glory to God!  We don’t want to take success and make it about us, but we do want people to know the amazing things that God is doing and how they can experience God at work in their lives too!

Would you consider growing with us at this end of this year?  Your contribution is a starting point, but we also want to make sure you’re involved with us for the year.   Looking forward to growing with you!


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