You’re A Distributor, Not A Manufacturer

God alone has all the resources to meet human needs.

One of the great stories in Scripture is in Acts 3. Peter and John were walking to the temple when they came across a beggar. Expecting to get some money from them, the beggar got a bigger surprise. Peter and John responded, “I don’t have money, but what I have, I give to you!” In the name of Jesus, he was healed. The man got up and walked.

Once we accept that we are distributors and not manufacturers, we will have a new sense of freedom and joy.

When we have a manufacturer mentality, we grow to depend on our own finances, talent, and experience. God can use these things, but apart from Him, they are nothing.

For all the same reasons we must stay connected to the vine (John 15). Apart from Christ, the manufacturer of all good things, we can provide nothing, do nothing.

Being a distributor of all the great things God has for the world is a very fulfilling way to live. If we are being called to do something, especially if it’s too “big” in our minds, we need to remember that we are just the distributors of God’s great resources. God is at work through us.

Now that you are free from trying to solve all the problems, fix everyone around you and come up with solutions to seemingly unsolvable issues in the world, you can get to work being a distributor of God’s grace, love and hope to someone today. But first, seek God and be filled to overflowing with his presence in your life.

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