Incredible Message for the Next Generation – Now is the Time To Remember God


Here’s an incredible message for the next generation – think about God now.

Remember God and His words for your life and live them. Don’t wait for things to get bad. Don’t wait until tragedy strikes your life or those close to you. Don’t wait until you are at the end of your rope. Don’t wait until you get into the valley.

Desperation is often a given in the life of a disciple. God does indeed reach close and draw near to those who are hurting, hopeless, and lost. But don’t wait until that point to remember God.

Don’t forget God because you are young and think you have time. Remember God now, in your youth. Follow Him. Be desperate for His grace and His word; and remember Him now.

Don’t wait until you are old to follow God’s voice and calling. Don’t assume that all young people live life being oblivious, apathetic, or antagonistic towards God. Don’t wait until life is no longer pleasant before you turn to Him. Don’t squander the time of your youth thinking God can wait.

Remember God now. Remember Him before the door of opportunity closes. Remember Him before you are near the grave.

While you are young is a perfect time to remember God and live life for Him. Life is short. Remember your Creator.

Take a look at how the scripture words this in Ecclesiastes 12.


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