You Don’t Have to be Wealthy to be Generous

money1Don’t make the mistake of thinking that generosity is reserved for those who have lots of money.  Anyone, at any financial level in life, can be generous.  Generosity stems from the heart.  It’s about giving and sharing.  In fact, we learn from the widow giving two coins that the heart for generosity is more important than the amount.

Generosity needs to be the mark of a Christian.  Giving to the church is one aspect to this.

I’m don’t think God needs the money. In the case of one story in Acts – Peter says we don’t have any gold or silver, but here’s what we do have, get up and walk in the name of Jesus.  The church can be a powerful force in the community just because of the power of Jesus.

However, I do think we need to give to God generously.  In fact, I don’t know of any better way to signal to ourselves and others that we truly trust God with all of our lives than to faithfully and hilariously give generously to kingdom work.  It’s almost like without that trust and level of dependent living, the more powerful miracles don’t happen to such an extent.

A church of generous givers is actually receiving more than money – they have a congregation that is displaying trust in God with their lives – the very thing they have to live on.  The spiritual temperature goes up.

Sometimes pastors get in trouble because they talk about money too much.  But, thankfully, I’m not a pastor – so for everyone in my little world who calls themselves believers – become more generous in giving to the church.  Wouldn’t it be wild and fun?!  What miracles await if we all fully trusted in this way?

I’m grateful that my wife and I agree that giving 10+ percent of our annual combined income is one way we live out generosity and faith. I don’t mention this to boast in ourselves, but to boast in the Lord.  We have found no greater joy than this – generosity through faith!  It’s a blast!


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