Words from Ryan Kennett

It was a cold rainy morning in the summer of 1996.  The baseball team I was a part of traveled nearly 5 hours to Moline, IL only to get pummeled in a weekend double header.  What a drag.  As I’ve heard Tim say dozens of times, “It was sick.”
Back then I had been playing guitar for about a year.  Though I don’t specifically remember the 1996 trip to Moline and back, if it was like other road trips I remember around that time, I was eager to get home and pluck some strings.  I would have never anticipated that I’d be back in Moline for another visit 13 years later, especially being a part of a ministry team leading music outside on a glorious Sunday morning.  It was glorious for everyone except the gentleman in the dunking tank I presume.

I really had a blast on the Moline and St. Elmo trip last weekend.  I wasn’t sure what to expect or what I would take away from the experience.  It was my first overnight Harvest event, which provides more of a chance to connect with the others on the mission.  The stories from the Harvest veterans made the drive entertaining.  I am finally convinced
that after hearing many stories from Tim and Tom, the game six degrees of separation really does work between me and everyone else on Earth.  Now if we can just get everyone to know Christ, we wouldn’t need that silly game.

Ryan Kennett is a member of Troy UMC and plays electric guitar for the worship team.  He resides in Troy, IL with his wife Mary.

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