Moline / St. Elmo

It’s been a week now since Harvest led worship on August 30 in two different places.  On Saturday night, we made the drive to Moline, IL.  Tim, Ryan Kennett and Josh Robinson met in Troy, IL.  It was fun connecting with Josh again.  He is Megan Tyler’s brother and the last time I saw him he was a kid.  We drove to Farmersville, IL and picked up Bonnie.  In Peoria, IL we met up with Tom Noble.  From there, we made the rest of the journey and had a great time spending the night in one of the church members’ homes. 

The next morning, we sang for the Riverside Church Rally Day – it was an amazingly beautiful morning and a really fun time.  Following that event, we led music for the kids during worship.  Following the Sunday morning, we headed to St. Elmo, IL.  On the way, we dropped off Tom and then Bonnie and met up with Blythe at St. Elmo for an evening church picnic and worship service.  It was a really fun and uplifting night of worship with the congregation there!

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