What Does It Mean To Decrease?

John the Baptist said, “He must increase, but I must decrease.”

What a great, cut to the chase line. In John chapter 3, John is exalting Jesus, basically telling his disciples, “Jesus is really your guy, the Messiah. I’m the messenger.”

He didn’t say, I’m just the messenger.  The messenger is important. In fact, until people know about Jesus, the closest thing they have is knowing us. John witnesses to his followers that Jesus is the true son of God and then he goes onto to say, “He must increase and I must decrease.”

This should be the motto of every believer. It should be the way every Christian leader lives.

It works together – in order for God to increase in our lives, we must decrease our own ambitions, desires and goals so our lives can be filled with God’s desire, ambition and goals. This is the holy spirit at work in us.

What are some practical ways to decrease?

Set your mind on things above.

Colossians 3 teaches us in simple ways to keep our minds on Jesus and on kingdom things. Squash those things in our lives trying to overtake our hearts.

Fill your heart with scripture and great teaching.

God’s word is living and active and as it fills us, so does God’s presence.

Volunteer and serve others

Christ’s work is highlighted in and through us as we serve others. The physical act of giving, serving, and listening is a way to allow Jesus to increase.

Posture of prayer

As we spend time in communion with Christ, we begin to understand more of what he desires in us.

Try not to focus on your problems

As CS Lewis says, it’s not that we think less of ourselves, we just need to think of ourselves less.


As we worship and as we praise the Lord, we put into perspective who God is. This is one great witness to more of thee and less of me.

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