Five Factors Influencing The Faith Of Young Adults

There’s no silver bullet to ensure students from Christian families will grow into their own faith in Jesus. But I’ve been encouraged by reading a book called It’s Not Too Late: The Essential Part You Play in Shaping Your Teen’s Faith

It’s never too late to influence your children – but if you still have kids living in your home, here are five factors that highly influence the faith of young adults:

The influence and example of highly religious parents

It’s more caught than taught.

The high importance of religious faith for a teen

Give them every opportunity to grow in faith – not as one of their many extracurricular activities, but as a faithful member of the church and ministry.

The teen has many religious experiences

One of the reasons parents need to make church events, retreats, camps and conferences a priority is because most often a teen will have catalyst moments in special event settings.

The teen frequently reads scripture and prays

Invite them to read the Bible and pray. They will most likely be motivated by your example and by the accountability of other Christian students.

The teen has many adults in the congregation to seek out and turn to for help

It’s vitally important that teenagers are connected to several Christian adults. The most natural for this to happen is for the whole family to be involved in the ministry of the church.


I encourage every parent to get this book!

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