Three Reasons Some Leaders Excel

Reading this morning from an old leadership (LeRoy Eims, Be The Leader). Three segments motivated me for the day.  The question was asked: How are some leaders able to excel in their work?

EXCELLENCE – develop and desire a spirit of excellence in your work and ministry. In the parable of the talents, God was pleased with the one who did good work with the allotment he was given.  Excellence is an attribute that will draw in others around you, motivate you and your team to further heights and will be a testament to a great God!

INIATIVE – when we are out in front with the action, we are a leader.  Leaders must model Jesus by taking initiative in serving others, forgiving others and seeking knowledge from God.  Pray for the spirit needed to originate action.

CREATIVITY – Don’t be afraid to dream up and try new things.  A connection with Jesus gives us a deep well of creativity and a risk taking spirit to give it a try!  We don’t worship creativity, we worship God uniquely and creatively.


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