Get Students to Church Camp!

Summer is coming and now is the time to get the students in your congregation to attend summer church camp. Here are 5 reasons why it is so important:

1) Students need time away to hear the voice of God – Schedules are busy and getting away for a few days with an eternal perspective can be have transforming power in the life of a high school student.

2) Memories are built – if you want to build memories for the rest of the school year, go to camp. The opportunities for fun and growth as a group are endless. Nicknames, classic stories and jokes that live on forever often begin at camp. Think about it – a week of camp is equivalent to nearly two years of weekly Sunday school (if you figure five or six days of camp with about 16 hours each day). Not that camp takes the place of Sunday School, but it is such a valuable addition to faith formation.

3) Relationships are formed – Camp gives students opportunities to build relationships with peers and leaders in faith. Many times it gives students opportunities to serve and lead within the church

4) The gospel message is received with fresh ears – so often, students need to hear a different person share the same message. There is a distinct difference between discipleship and evangelism. The local church ministry disciples students year and year out. Camp allows students to hear (or be reminded of) the foundation of the gospel message and experience the power in it.

5) Lives are changed – I have seen it hundreds of times. I have heard it in hundreds of testimonies. And I was one of those kids whose life was changed during camp. You might have been too. I know that there many vehicles to proclaiming the message of Jesus Christ and that camp is just one of them. And in a few decades, it might be something else. But for now, it’s still a good one. Make it a priority. Get people involved. Encourage, help raise money, take part in leadership, and do whatever you can to get your kids to camp!


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