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I was pulled to the center of the texting vortex about three years back when I lost my voice for three months.  Here I am three years later, slowly realizing that I have also been pulled into many different social networking accounts.  Once you’re in, it’s hard to get out.

So I thought I would clearly mark the purpose of each of them, so you (and I) know: – this twitter account is used to post quotes, stories, blog entries and general information.  I am trying to connect with as many ministry leaders and churches as possible through this account – youth pastors, children’s ministry leaders and worship leaders.  These links also send people to our blog. – this original twitter account was developed as a way to stay in touch with prayer partners for Harvest Ministry.  Tweets are typically related to events where Harvest will be serving and how the Lord is working in those events.  There are currently just over 100 followers and I am grateful for your partnership!  This account also feeds into the Harvest Ministry Team Facebook Account. – this twitter account is for Troy United Methodist  Church, where I serve on staff part-time.  I am one of a few users to help keep people updated.  I do have a secret goal of getting everyone in our congregation to sign up for twitter, if nothing else, to receive texts from Troy UMC.  I think that would be a great, inexpensive way to send out mass texts.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Most tweets are Sunday message quotes, updates, and events.  This also supports our church facebook page. ­- this facebook page is designed for people who connect with Harvest at events.  Students and adults from camps, conferences and other ministry settings can stay in touch with what Harvest is doing.  It’s a new page, primarily from the summer ministry.

Instagram has also become a great addition to the world of sharing.  I use for behind the scenes church pictures, for Harvest Ministry updates and I have a personal Instagram for family and friends.

Google+, LinkedIn and Tumblr are all marginal for me – used sporadically.

Personal Facebook and Twitter accounts –  I typically use this for family updates and
memories.  I’m careful about what to include, but I do think it’s great for extended family and far-away friends to stay connected.  In addition to family stuff, I also post anything pertaining to ministry – I’m honored anytime my name is a help to kingdom ministry. 

These areas (Regional church leadership teams, Harvest & Church) fit the three categories I spend time praying for each week [a quick glimpse of my prayer ministry plan]. 

If phones hadn’t become little offices, I probably would not do much with any of these. But, I sure do have fun with it!   However, I always  want to make sure these media connections don’t happen at the expense of personal, human interaction.


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