9 Ways to Grow Community with your Staff

I have been a part of church staff that had three people, a staff that had over 40 people and a staff somewhere in between. Community among staff is an important ingredient to keep a church or any organization moving forward.  The staff needs to model community, they need to practice community and they need to have fun doing it.  Here are nine easy ways to grow community in your church staff:

  1. Prayer Partners among staff members.
  2. Bring food to share during a staff meeting.
  3. Go out to eat lunch for birthdays (or once a month for all the birthdays in that month).
  4. Do something fun together on March 4 – the only “command” of the year.
  5. Give a gift or bonus of some kind at Christmas.
  6. Have the staff to your house for brunch, lunch or dinner once a year.
  7. Host staff planning retreats off site.
  8. Have a traveling staff meeting – taking tours of the community around your church.
  9. Figure out ways to have fun doing what needs to be done


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