The Well

What does it take for a youth worker to be effective in the local church?  This is an overwhelming question, I know.  But one slice to the answer comes in the fact that youth workers need to be equipped, connected and encouraged.  We need fresh ideas and thoughts to help generate effective ministry with the next generation.  We need motivation to invite and equip our local congregations in the work of true discipleship for the children, grandchildren and the community. We need to be reminded of the basics sometimes – building teams, delegation, volunteers, relational connection with students, communication, organization, being flexible, and focusing on growth to name a few.

The Well, a three hour youth worker meeting, won’t accomplish everything. But here’s what it will accomplish:

1)       Youth Workers will be encouraged through interaction with other youth workers.  Interaction fuels action.  Spurring each other on will help in our overall mission to invest in the lives of students and build a structure for student ministry that will last beyond our time at the church.

2)       Churches will have an opportunity to provide low cost, close-to-home training for the paid staff and volunteers in their ministry.  There’s nothing like taking some time in the schedule to think about ministry.  Bringing or sending a group from your church to think about how to do ministry better is always rewarding and it builds the culture of excellence.  Church leaders, no matter the size or style of their congregation, are always in learning mode.

3)       Focus on ministry to students becomes clearer.  We have the privilege of figuring out ways to reach the next generation and this isn’t reserved for churches in growing communities or churches that have a certain size or style of ministry – it’s the call of every church, to share the message of faith with students in the church and community.  The Well is designed to reach youth workers from all styles and sizes of churches and to provide a framework for them to focus on how best they might uniquely accomplish the work in their churches and communities.

This is the eighth season of The Well and every youth worker in Illinois should attend one of the sessions.  The three hour meeting is broken down into three blocks: 1) Building a Structure That Will Last (Tim Price), 2) Network and Discussion with Other Youth Workers and 3) A Youth Worker’s Heart (host church youth pastor or other guest).  Register online today at  For more information, contact Harvest Conferences, 618-667-6241 ext 14.


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