6 Reasons New Songs Enhance Worship

“New songs breathe life into your ministry.” – Tomlin

The last two Sundays, our church worship team has done a new song.  In both cases, it added life to the worship time.  We will continue leading those songs so that people can learn them and begin to experience the message of hope in them to the fullest extent.  There are many reasons new songs are important in a worshipping community.  What are some reasons that new songs are needed?

– New songs often signal new movements of the spirit.

– New songs – written by a local church worship team – signals that their hearts are captured.

– New songs, in a practical sense, help the congregation engage in more meaningful expression of worship.  Getting out of the rut of knowing the songs or singing them for so long.

– New songs create excitement and motivation for musicians and vocalist as they learn and master them.

– New songs help connect with all generations in worship.

– New songs add freshness to the message of Christ.

In a word of caution, new songs don’t always equal more spiritual growth.  Don’t choose your song list for worship based on what year songs were written.  A new song may be one that is older, but that your church just hasn’t been aware of.

What new songs are you trying out?  What new song is in your heart to be written?


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