The Three R’s For Great Team Work

The three R’s are an important part of the recipe for great teamwork. I read this little reminder in a book called Seven Simple Steps To Unclutter Your Life by Donna Smallin.

Respect For Yourself

When you approach your work, your friendships and your ministry with respect for yourself, you come with a healthy view. Respect comes from an understanding – and a freedom to know – that we’re not perfect – we will make mistakes – but that we have God given gifts to insert into helping to make the situation better.

Respect For Others

See others through God’s eyes – they are loved, have worth, and have gifts to bring to the table toward your mission together. Respecting others comes in many forms – listening, encouraging, assisting, and trusting. Without respect for others, you can’t work well together.

Responsibility For Your Actions

In teamwork, we must take responsibility to carry our part of the burden. We must also acknowledge when we haven’t done our part or made the best decision. Those who don’t take responsibility for their actions soon find themselves trying to do the bare minimum and eventually lose trust with their team.

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