Eliminating Barriers Is One Step Toward Helping Your Ministry Team Achieve Great Things

Could we be trying so hard to get things going, we may become overwhelmed, along with our team and our people? Maybe it’s time to focus on what is keeping you and your team from being fully activated.

Church leaders: you have good people. You have great potential. There are people in your region who need to experience the grace and completeness that only the gospel can bring. Could it be that the reason there isn’t the growth we would like is because of the barriers?

In the book, Engaging The Hearts and Minds of all your Employees, Lee Colan writes that eliminating barriers may be the quickest way to help your team, your staff or your congregation achieve great things.

What may be holding your folks back from inviting, creating, serving, from being fully engaged and connected at your church? Your greatest job may just be eliminating that which stymies the natural process.

Here’s a place to begin eliminating barriers:

Provide Resources

Without the proper resources, it’s difficult to accomplish the task. Work in the church world is often on a shoestring, but for those things that are crucial, find the money to get it.  Sometimes I have thought about what I have more of – time or money. Depending on the situation, we can save some money because we have so many people involved who are willing to give their time. Other times, we have to invest money to make it worthwhile. Don’t spend all your money hiring someone for a role and leave nothing of a programming budget. Be sure each staff person has the basics of what they need – computer, phone, etc – to accomplish ministry tasks. Be sure to provide resources to the volunteers in your ministry – worship supplies and components, etc.  Be sure your congregation has the resources to invite others, engage in the church, and be involved.

Provide Information

Clear, concise, and consistent information will help eliminate barriers. Communication is a huge part of making sure everyone understands what is going on when, where, and why. This kind of act of good communication helps people feel included and gives a sense of belonging.

Provide A Clear Purpose and Mission

A clearly stated purpose and mission will help eliminate barriers. The church is notorious, like many institutions, for getting bogged down in many events, programs, and activities. We spend a lot of energy answering questions people asked several years ago. Getting crystal clear on a mission will help eliminate these obstacles that aren’t helping to move you forward.

Eliminate Barriers To Getting Involved

Once you are involved in the church, it’s really difficult to get a sense of what it’s like to be new – trying to get connected. Leaders must eliminate any barriers to new people becoming connected and involved. A clear, documented process needs to be visible and accessible to everyone.

Eliminate Barriers To Feedback And Opinions

Eliminating the barriers to honest feedback and opinions from your team can be difficult. It means surrounding yourself with honest people, developing a culture of being frank as a leadership team, and adjusting your attitude to accept feedback – good and bad – from trusted sources.


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