The Light Kids Conference

light teamThe theme for 2013 was Stand By Me.  Thanks to all the great teams of people,  the programming, music and planning seemed to work well.  But, what exceeded my expectation was the response to the invitation. The first session was the story of Moses having two people stand by him to hold up his hands while he prayed for Joshua in battle.  We talked about how we pray for people and people pray for us!  God works in all those prayers.  And we talked about the importance of having others around us as we walk in faith, just as Moses had Aaron and Hur.   The second session was taken from Psalm 23 – how a shepherd stands by his sheep, especially during the “darkest valley”.  The sheep skit was a hit – it wasn’t too baaaaaad.  (Thanks Millie, James and Joe!)  The final session was on Jesus staying at our side – until the end of the age.  Then, we gave an invitation to the children to “Stand by Jesus”  and I think everyone one of them responded.  I praise the Lord for the commitments made in the hearts of so many kids!

I’m grateful for the team of people that we had assembled for each weekend.  I’m grateful for the host churches.  I’m thankful that the Lord gave my wife the vision of doing The Light Kids Conference back in 2002.  One college girl was helping this year and I asked her if she had been to The Light before.  She responded, “yeah, when I attended as a kid.”  Time flies!

I’m grateful for the opportunity to create ways to share with the children at the Light.  Here are several links with music, blogs, videos and pictures:

Fruit Fruit (of the Spirit) Video (2013)

Kids Conference Promo Video – We’d love to have you attend next year! 

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Here’s the “Fast Food Song” on youtube.

Here are some excerpts from some of the Harvest Motion DVD’s

Some pictures from 2013 

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