Church Pens At The Bank

penWe just got new pens at church.  Every chance I get, I’ll use it to sign something and just leave it in a public place. My goal is to have them all around the community surrounding our church facility.  Amazingly,  I was in a bank and there was one of our church pens!  It worked!

The thought occurred to me that leaving a pen in the bank is a nice touch for the church.  But, as Christians, we have a much better thing going for us than logo imprinted pens.  We have people stationed in every corner of the region.

Just off the top of my head, I know that there are Christians – from our local church – who work at that bank.  We also have Christians from our church who teach in several of our schools.  We have a Christian who runs a local investment firm.  Another one manages a community restaurant.  Another one owns one of the community restaurants.  One works at the tax office.

Another Christian from our church owns the local airport.  Another Christian does graphics for a university.  Someone else is an engineer.  Another is a volunteer for a non-profit.  Another person I’m thinking of is a professor at a local college.  Another sells real estate.  Another one works for the railroad.  Two others are dentists.   Another one works at the donut shop.

I’m blown away by the sheer power we have living as believers in the world!  What a difference our church can make in the lives of thousands of people every single day!

I know of two Christians in our church who are CPA’s.  Another teaches nursing at a college.  Another works at a tennis club.  Three Christians from our church work for the local rental company.  Several build houses.  One family does concrete.  One Christian in our church is a telemarketer.  And I know of another three Christians – from our church – who work for the power company.  One guy works for Shell.

These believers – each day – are a witness of Christ’s love in their interactions and actions among co-workers and customers.

I know another one who babysits kids.  Another one is a pre-school teacher.  Another believer is a hairstylist.  Several believers are stay at home parents.  I know of who works for the YMCA.  Another one is an interior decorator.  Another two or three sell insurance.  Another sells shoes.  Many, many believers in our church are students.  Others I know of work on the air base. One guy travels the state for his job.  One guy works in the hotel industry.

The list could literally go on and on, but I’ll stop here.  Just like the pen bears the name of our church – we too bear the name of Christ every day. When the church gathers for worship on Sunday and Wednesday, it’s a blast.  But, it’s living out faith in the world that will make the real difference in the lives of others in the community!  The church is literally everywhere. Keep living for the Lord.


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