Volunteer Ministry Quotes

“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, you’ve never spent the night in a tent with a mosquito!” African Proverb “No one can do everything, but everyone can do something!” “Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better – even if you never know it!” Greg Louganis “Volunteers do not … Read more

The Church Was Designed To Be A Volunteer Organization

There is tremendous power in the church. This is especially realized when every member understands the privilege of using their unique gifts and experiences to move the church forward in mission. Church leaders must become great at caring for volunteers in ministry. In the book Volunteer Revolution, these questions were listed as a way for … Read more

Free E-book: 6 Motivations of Volunteer Teams

Would you like to know how to more effectively lead your volunteer team?  What are the motivations for your team members?  How can you maximize their potential without increasing your costs? If you work with volunteers, you probably know there is a strong need for not only understanding the motivation of volunteers, but also for … Read more