Be Happy With Less: Apply the Amazing Virtue of Thrift

Financial hardships can bring extra stress in life. But financial freedom doesn’t bring enduring happiness either. How do we live so that the amount of money we have doesn’t keep us from flourishing? Happiness with less isn’t just a good sentiment. It really is true that people who have less tend to have a level … Read more

To Live A Powerful Life, Stop Comparing

Comparison is a joy killer. Since childhood, we’ve been taught to see our actions against others. We’re compared to our siblings and to our classmates. We feel comparison with grades and with awards. And as adults the prizes and comparisons just become larger – we compare homes, salaries, jobs and abilities. In our best moments, … Read more

Three Big Reasons Why Experiences Are Greater Than Possessions

Giving “experiences” instead of things has become a normal part of conversation. I hear about it from blogs, books, and family personal stories. It makes sense and I often think about it around Christmas and other times of the year. I recently read The Myths of Happiness by Sonja Lyubomirsky. The author several reasons why … Read more