Luke 5

I was reading from a pre-school bible to my daughter last night.  The story hit me during that short reading.  It’s found in Luke 5 when Jesus used someone’s boat to preach, then had them cast their nets one last time, even though they had fished all night.  The progression stood out to me. Assistance – … Read more

Obstacles vs Problems

A problem is something that we see along side the road.  It will slow us down as we  work on it, but doesn’t necessarily need our attention, we just do it anyway. An obstacle is quite different in that it blocks the road.  It impedes our journey to the destination.  We may see it coming or … Read more

What Does Your Church Building Say About God?

Our church just finished redesigning the building.  We made space for more creative worship, got movable sanctuary seating to maximize small group teaching and generally spruced the building up with new carpet and paint.  People are excited and momentum, even from what many might say is a small building project, has been awesome. The building … Read more