A worship band work trip

rockA delegation from our church worship team took a mini one day work trip last weekend.  It was a great time of serving Jesus in a different way.  Instead of instruments, music, videos and sound, we used paint brushes, shovels and rags.  It was a simple investment of time – three hours and a lunch together, but it made a difference in the way the team lead in worship – I believe.

Worship leadership, like any role in the church, is about being a part of the mission of Christ.  It’s about seeking to help invite people on a journey with Jesus – to experience his grace and love in their lives.  The church has one call – to help the world grasp this message.  We do this in a variety of ways.  As a worship band, we have a niche during worship services.  We know our part.  But, just as important as music is, so is the welcome team, the hospitality group, the ushers, greeters, and preacher.  From the security team to the Sunday school teachers – it all helps aid in the overall mission of the Church.

So, when we took a mission trip to this Children’s Home to paint, clean and move rock, we were also part of that mission of the church.  Praise the Lord.  We learn that we’re all in this together – serving in our specific roles to humbly help things move forward.

Here’s my post following that experience.

Does your group serve outside of weekend worship services?  I would love to hear about it.


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