The Sin Didn’t Stick

Had a great Faith @ Home event at our church yesterday.  During the course of each year, the Family Ministry Team sets up one time events for parents with children in specific age categories.  The parents and kids then meet during the worship hour to learn together.  It’s designed to help parents make the home the primary spiritual influence in the lives … Read more

25 One Line Lessons For Childen’s Ministry Leaders

We had a great time over the weekend meeting with Children and Family Ministry leaders from the Shiloh, IL area.  Thanks to Lindsay Vollmar and David Roderick for leading during the first ever Connection.  Thanks for your thoughts and your ministry! Here are some one line lessons from my notes of the day. We need to … Read more

Check In At Home

People “check in” everywhere.  The whole world knows they are here and there and engaged in whatever activity is going on.  People check in at church, at restaurants, and the list goes on and on. The thought occurred to me that I need to “check in” at home.  In ministry life, lines blur easily.  There is … Read more

Three Things Every Kid Needs

Every kid needs the gift of delight.  In the story of David, there comes that point when all the boys were lined up as potential for kingship – except David.  Jesse didn’t think David would be the one, but Samuel, through the leading of the spirit, asked if there were others.  We all fall into … Read more

Practical Children’s Ministry Tips From a Previous Blog

Here are some pracitcal ideas for each of the four areas mentioned in “How Did David Get To Be David? Creating conditions for kids in our ministries to love God, follow God and trust God.” Providing opportunities for children to explore skills, talents and abilities: • give them jobs. • assign bite sized roles. • … Read more

How Did David Get To Be David?

Creating conditions for kids in our ministries to love God, follow God and trust God! How did David get to be David? How in the world was he able to, at a young age, take on such responsibility, have the favor of the Lord, trust in God to fight the battles, make wise decisions, and … Read more

Children’s Ministry Leaders Must Become Diversity Experts

The children’s ministry, at the churches I have been in over the last few months, has been much more diverse than the congregation as a whole.   I recently read from Sam Rainer, in 10 Unexpected Trends to Surface in 2020,  that the United States will be minority white by 2042 and pre-schools much sooner – by 2021.   … Read more