Sumner, IL

Beulah UMC in Sumner, IL is a lively, energetic and fun place to worship!   We appreciate the invitation to serve as worship leaders this morning, enjoyed the lunch and had a great time after lunch during the concert.  Thanks for your invitation to serve.

Bumper Quick is the pastor at the church.  He has been the director for Jr. High Alive for several years in Eldorado.  He’s a great pastor. Adam, the youth pastor, preached that morning.  It was fun to connect with him again.

Tyler Lynn, Justin Richards and Hailey Miller joined me in the day.  Tyler and I had a great conversation on the 5 hour van ride.  Hailey Miller drove down from Champaign with Justin’s Sister (who also attends college in Champaign) and Justin and his family met us in Sumner.  After the event, we had ice cream at the Dairy Dee.

Thanks again Beulah for your vibrancy, your hospitality and your generosity!

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