Do You Know Quality When You See It?

“It’s important to distinguish between efficiency – doing thing right – and effectiveness – doing the right things. – Drucker

I was thinking about quality this morning as I was reading from The Little Team Book (Parker).

Quality, as it relates to church staff teams and volunteer ministry teams, is sometimes hard to get a handle on. Who is in charge of letting it be known if something is not “quality”.

In business and manufacturing, quality is meeting or exceeding “customer” needs. For others, it’s complying with specific specifications and for others it means no errors of defects.

Each pastoral and staff team needs to determine what “quality” means in their context.  And each staff team needs to develop the culture of their organization to expect, desire and strive for quality in all manageable areas of ministry – from printed publications to organization and communication with volunteers to presentation of the building, gatherings and the overall mission.

How does and who will define quality for you team or organization?  In what ways do you need to clarify your definition of quality? These questions need to be answered before quality will become the norm.

It’s our job as leaders to offer the best we can and to get our teams to perform to the best of their abilities!  However, never underestimate the quality work that comes from genuine, authentic heart for God and his people.  Give yourself freedom to live in the grace of God – both in taking risks and evaluating what has been done.  Live in joy as we seek to be all that we can be in the kingdom!


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