Repetition Is Key

Why do people attend conferences each year? Why do executives meet on conference calls with their teams multiple mornings a week? Why do teachers review the material before a test?

Because repetition is key to remembering, internalizing, and staying motivated.

For the same reasons, we need to hear and engage God’s word repetitively. The Bible isn’t something you read once and finish like other novels or books in our lives. It’s something we read again and again. It’s a morning meeting that challenges us, molds us, directs us, and leads us.

God’s word on repeat is a life shaper.

It’s not for memorizing details, though as we study, we can come away with amazing insights from the details in scripture. It’s not for a morning devotion routine checklist, though devotional habits bring amazing contentment in life.

Repetition allows God’s word to sink into our hearts and minds.

The other morning, I reread the account of Mary the morning Jesus rose from the dead (John 20). Mary thought she was talking to the gardener. Not until he said her name, “Mary,” did her eyes open with the realization he was Jesus. I’ve heard that story a hundred times and the repetition offered me a new way of hearing it. For that whole day and the days that followed, I have prayed for opportunities to see things more clearly as I hear from Jesus. Hearing Jesus say your name can be powerful.

This morning, I was reading Proverbs 18 (coinciding with today being the 18th of the month) and the first verse struck me: “Unfriendly people care only about themselves…”

In one little verse, I’m reminded of one simple truth to living a fulfilled life – take interest in others. Stop thinking so much about yourself so that you can come across to others as the true friend you want to be.

Repetition is powerful in all walks of life, but especially when reading God’s holy word.

Download this scripture card and place on your kitchen table today.

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