Memorize the Books Of The Bible – Free PDF.

I was recently at a student ministry event where the challenge to recite all 66 books of the Bible was presented. Whoever could do it received $50! To be honest, I was scratching my head wondering if I would be able to do it – especially with the pressure of 300 people watching. Turned out a middle school girl came close enough to it and won.

When I was a grade school student I memorized them all and got a prize the night I recited them in front our Bible group teacher and kid’s ministry group. I don’t know where exactly that knowledge went, but it got buried, somehow.

After getting home from that event a few weeks back, I had an idea to make sure next time the opportunity presents itself that I would be ready – and so would our whole family.

In addition to potentially getting $50, we will also be able to better understand where to look for each book, which books follows the other, and have an idea of the basic layout of God’s Holy Word.

I created a trifold card, printed it out and now it’s on the center of our table – just in time for the 2020 Quarantine where we’ve been afforded the opportunity to have roughly 40 meals together, at home, over the course of the next two weeks.

So far, the New Testament is just about mastered and Psalm 23 is gaining traction too. We’re going to get it all memorized!

Here’s a PDF version of the card we’re using.

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