Provide Unexpected Happiness – Somehow

There have to be some ways to provide unexpected happiness for people even during this challenging time.

A while back, I wrote a post called 24 Ideas For Providing Unexpected Happiness which is all about the little things you can do to lift the spirits of your family, friends, colleagues or strangers.

Now is a great time to help lift the spirits of people around us – we just need to be a little more creative.

What if we…

  • Comment more authentically and diligently on the social media posts of friends and family.
  • Become more generous with compliments on public digital platforms or through private messages.
  • Call and video chat with family members we haven’t seen.
  • Plan ahead by purchasing a gift card for a meal together after we are past this tough season.
  • Drop some food off at someone’s doorstep and let them know.
  • Follow a small but growing trend to hang up Christmas lights.
  • Draw pictures or write general notes and mail a pack of them to a local nursing home.
  • Share updates from local businesses and restaurants trying to make it through this time.
  • Personally call the pastor of your church to encourage them.
  • Give a special financial gift to your church or some other organization.

What else can be added to this list?

We would love to hear your stories or experiences of how someone provided unexpected happiness for you.

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