Reinvent Your Leadership And Win (10 Tips)

reinvent your leadership and win

Reinvent…  What does the word really mean?  Online dictionaries define it this way: “To make major changes or improvements to (something), to present (something) in a different or new way”.

It’s a simple concept that we often don’t take full advantage of.  It’s more than first impressions and or trying to be someone you’re not.  It’s about being all that God has called you to be and continually striving to live a life pleasing to him.

What keeps us from making significant changes in our lives?  1) We tell ourselves we can’t.  2) We blame our outward circumstances. 3) We never really thought about it before. 4) We’re afraid of what others would think.  These are just excuses.   Of course we can.  It doesn’t matter what is going on around us.  We’re thinking of it now!  Who cares what others think!

One of my favorite promises that Jesus gives us is found in Revelation 21:5: And He who sits on the throne said, “Behold, I am making all things new.” 

This simple list is a starting point.  Pick one, start it and stick with it until it’s part of your lifestyle.


Ten Tips To Reinvent Your Leadership and Win!  

1. Become More Joyful

This is important.  Joyful people have a different outlook.  Joy doesn’t mean constant giddy laughter, but a contentment, a hope and a love for life that can only come from the heart.  Practice being joyful today.  Pray for deep joy, even amid trying circumstances you may be facing.

2. Care for Your People Beyond Work

Everyone is a leader in some capacity.  The people around you need to know you appreciate and value their work.  But they also need to know you care about them personally and individually.

3. Respond to People to Reach Out to You

Here’s a way to reinvent your leadership style.  Develop systems to respond to people.  Don’t drop the ball on communication. Become known as the person who texts back, responds to questions and lives up to their end of the bargain.  This is especially true for those closest to you – your family, children, close friends.  But you can also build systems to expedite the process of responding to others who are reaching out to you.  For example, you may want to develop a list of common questions and requests you get on a regular basis, then create some well crafted responses that you can use again and again.

4. Develop a Personal Mission Statement

It’s freeing to know what your main goals are.  The process of developing a personal mission statement is worth the process itself.  Additionally, you come away with 50 words or less statement that can be easily memorized and used to motivate you each morning.  Here’s a simple two page process for creating your personal mission statement.  

5. Determine Your Priorities

Priorities shape who we become.  If you’re always working on second things first, you never get to the first things! Your priorities need to be clear and known (especially to you).  If you feel overwhelmed and going in circles, block a day off, in the next future, to take off regular work and go somewhere to think about what is more important to you.  Then, begin to arrange your life around these priorities.  Recently, I had a thought that I wanted to make sure I played music with my kids at least twice a week. So, I added it to my “to do” list and it’s been happening, continually. They don’t know it’s on a to-do list, to them it’s just natural, the way I want it to be.

6. Say “No” More Than You Say “Yes”.

Anyone can say “yes.”  Over commitment is everywhere you look in our culture.  And it seems to be contagious.  Saying “yes” so often seems like the right thing to do.  In reality, to truly reinvent yourself, you are going to have to say “no” more often than “yes”.  As you grow more effective in the time-freeing, priority-making habit of saying “no”, your “yes” will become more meaningful and powerful.  It helps me to think of it this way:  when you say “yes”, you are undoubtedly saying “no” to something else.

7. Balance Each Day: Prayer, Reading, Work, Relationships, Adventure, and Thinking

Sounds harder than it looks.  But really, this is a small, simple way to reinvent yourself.  Pray each day.  Read a bit of a book each day.  Work hard while you are at work.  Invest in the relationships that matter to you the most – every day.  Simple things are fine.  Always look for a bit of adventure each day – even if it’s a small walk during your five minute break.  And intentionally think for part of the day.  This can happen on a commute, at home or on a walk.  Rules for thinking times include no devices, a pen and paper, and a starting time.

8. Develop Highly Specific Measurable Outcomes for Each Day

How will you know when you’ve succeeded?  Reinventing your measurable outcomes, your daily finish lines, will help you become more productive. Some examples may include:  How many contacts did you make?  Did you accomplish everything on your to-do list? How many people did you make smile?  How many times did you tell your kids you loved them today?  Developing measurable goals for your work, home or relationships can be a simple way to make big changes. And encouraging your team to develop measurable, daily goals is another way to really increase effectiveness and productivity. Read:  How to get productivity from your church staff. 

9. Wake Up Earlier

This may be the one keystone reinvention in your life to help spur on many more positive changes.  Waking up even thirty minutes earlier to pray, read, think, exercise or prioritize your day can make powerful changes to your life! Waking up earlier is a bit of a sacrifice, but you get used to it quickly and you’ll join the ranks of the most common connecting discipline of nearly all successful people – they are early risers.  Read this interesting list of people who get up early.

10. Lead More Diligently at Home

When your home life is good and organized, everything in life is better.  Give your best energy at home.  Keep clutter at a minimum.  Keep your cars filled up with gas.  Turn off the TV.  Visit with family, friends and neighbors.  Keep your finances in good order.  Serve your spouse.  Help with chores.  Take personal responsibility for your home.


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